12 Situations that Every Book Lover Goes Through Almost Every Day

Those for whom, books are their first love will be able to get us right!

12 Situations that Every Book Lover Goes Through Almost Every Day
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1. The urge to give a spoiler to a fellow reader

Knowing what happens next - meme

Your friend just told you that they’re reading a book that you suggested to them and they are loving it. Now being an enthusiastic person, you are probably going to spoil the story for them unintentionally just because of the sheer happiness that you have finally found someone to discuss your favorite book with.

And if you’re an evil person then sure as hell it won’t unintentionally, you will probably have all your fun giving them a spoiler scare every 5 minutes!

2. Having the “Can’t buy one book” syndrome

Looking for one book - meme

It’s a good day outside and you finally decide to get out of bed to get some fresh air. You leave the house and start walking. Your mind is elsewhere else as your feet take you somewhere. And then you realize that you’re standing outside a book store! & you think to yourself, no harm, you’ll just go in and buy one book now that you’re just outside the bookstore.

*2 hours later*

You’re walking out with a dozen books in your hands because well, no one can just go to a bookstore and buy 1 book! And a dozen was the least you could do!

3. Wishing you lived alone with your books

People interrup your reading - meme

There is nothing worse than keep getting interrupted as you approach the climax of your book. But how can common folks understand this! They wouldn’t know the time it takes to completely become so engrossed that you lose all sense of reality only for someone to interrupt you and what for? To tell a joke that’s not even funny!

4. The promises of “I’ll be back”

I ll be back - meme

It is an utter heartbreak when you’re craving to see the sight of new books but your pockets are empty. So, what do you do? You still go to your favorite bookstore, spend as much time as you can with the books and leave with a heavy heart and a promise of I will come back for you

5. The disappointment of your mundane life

Finishing amazing book - meme

The feeling of getting lost in a book so much that you forget about your surrounding is just heavenly but the part when you drop down the seven skies straight into your boring life as soon as you finish your book is just horrible! That book just set such high standards and now you want nothing to do with your ordinary life.

6. When love hurts you literally and draws blood

You betray me - meme

We all have read this line that love hurts but that refers to the mental and spiritual hurt. For us readers, this statement manifests into the tiny paper cuts that we get as we flip through the sharp pages of a very new book! And that is the moment when you feel totally betrayed by your love.

7. When a bookstore becomes your second home

Bookstore, your second home - meme

Everyone has their own special place where they go to relax. Mostly it is coffee houses or bars or a friend’s place but for us, our comfort zones are the bookstores. Books all around, Smell of books all over, a cozy corner and you, can it be any more perfect? So, we do not miss any opportunity to go to a bookstore.

8. Heartbreak over the death of your favorite character

Favourite character dies - meme

The bond that we form with our favorite characters is sometimes even stronger than our real human relationships so when that character dies, it’s like a death without a funeral so even the mourning doesn’t bring us any closure and solace. And we continue to mourn all our life.

9. When people don’t get the hint that you don’t want to talk

Someone talks while you read - meme

A book in a hand is just the equivalent to plugging in your headphones to give off the signal that you are in no mood to talk. But most people do not take this hint and think that we’d rather listen to their gibberish instead of read our amazing book. Ugh get a hint and leave us alone!

10. The moment when you say “Take all my money”

Sale on bookstore - meme

Sale for us holds a completely different sentiment than it does for common folks. The only time we get excited by hearing the word SALE is when it is at our favorite book store so what do we do? We run to the store, buy all the books that we had our eyes on for a while and we return back all broke! But no regrets whatsoever.

11. That feeling of utter betrayal when the ending is bad

When book has terrible ending - meme

For most people, this won’t seem like a big deal but for us, this is just betrayal. Imagine investing your time and self in a book that you’ve been reading for weeks. You’ve built up some hopes to get the ending and closure you deserve. Only to find out that the author rushed through the ending and did no justice to the whole story. We vote for OPEN ENDINGS!

12. Setting your priorities straight

Setting priorities straight - meme

At the end of the day, it is all about setting the priorities right if you want to survive in this world. So to sum it up, we’d rather miss buying a fancy dress or an expensive lunch, just so we can save the money and buy books later!

Let’s continue to buy books, read & talk about books, because it’s all worth it!

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