The Art of Book Clubbing

Why read a book and just keep your thoughts to your own self when you can talk about it?

The Art of Book Clubbing
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No two person ever read the same book.
~ Edmund Wilson

That is exactly why book clubbing is so amazing!.

Readers get together under one roof, celebrating the joy of reading. Traditionally, the group selects a book to discuss and sits together classically in a circle, chair or rug without any table as a sign of free flow of communication. Just as the members go on reading, the readers communicate their understanding of the book in an effective way. Book Club is often facilitated for smooth discussion, covering different aspects, at different levels to create a packed understanding of the author's work.

Book Clubbing - A Fashion

Book clubbing has been in fashion for a long time. Some regular steps of book clubbing should come handy for any one of you interested in it.

Before the actual reading, the book title is introduced. The group mutually decides to make it the current read. Its introductory session is conducted to lay the foundation of what to expect. The session might not be in person, rather it can be virtual in the form of an email or message describing the main details.

The members are then expected to read individually according to their comfort. The version of book read, nowadays, is flexible according to the work-life schedule. Members can read audio books, printed books or electronic versions. Whatever is convenient!

Deadline is very crucial to make sure that every member has read the book before the discussion takes place. Every member is expected to observe the timelines and complete the read in the decided time. This way, all the members of the club will be on the same page. After completing the book, all the members get together to discuss the book, which is ofcourse the best part of the clubbing!

The main aim is to open the discussion, facilitate an exchange of the perceptions, understanding and views about the book and its context. Members are encouraged to listen keenly to each other so that they can add to each other’s viewpoints through personal and book references. In this way, collectively, an insightful and healthy discussion culture takes roots in members’ personalities as well as Book clubs’.

Perks of Books Clubbing

So, why has book club been such a favorite amongst the readers? What prompts them to drive and meet new people to share their reading experience?

Here is a list of perks that you can get out of book-clubbing!

Makes Reading Adventurous:

Book club intrigue you to broaden your spectrum of reading and try different genres. When you meet different people with different reading preferences, you get the opportunity to listen to their reading experiences and the motivation behind choosing particular books. This helps in pushing you out of your comfort zone to read different genres of books.

Guess what, you might actually enjoy reading new kinds of books!

Not only will it add up to your knowledge, you will also feel the kick of getting uncomfortable for good.

It will make reading adventurous. Because adventure is not only when you go to a spooky place, hike or explore unknown places at odd times. It will be thrilling when you will break out of your set patterns of reading.

Get out of your head to experience more in the head, explore!

Learning Never Stops!

The core idea of book club’s is continuous LEARNING. It is informal with no fear of failure, judgement and humiliation. It lets you lower your guards and learn from each other. You discuss books, and retain interesting information, get introduced to new books and authors, absorb new concepts and ideologies. This is so transformative, if you think about it.

A new book is a new world. You evolve with every character, every struggle, every twist and every plot. You start afresh with every book and read more profoundly. The reader inside you grows eager and eager!

Stories make boring topics, exciting!

Stories are not written without context and story. Apparently dried subjects like history, technology, science etc. can be made interesting in the form of storytelling. You learn about different eras and figures that played a role in an engaging way.

Get comfortable with cultural diversity

Through book clubs, you can meet different people from different ethnicities and cultures. You can be introduced to famous books written according to different geographical areas. Also, you get a chance to explore cultures, heritage and travel with a book or fellow member. You do not need to actually travel to experience new culture, you can open a book and talk with members to get a glimpse of their cultural lives.

When I read a good book, it’s like travelling the world without ever leaving my chair.
~ Richard Peck

Don’t Shy, Only Fly!

Books clubs help you shed away your shyness. Slowly, you feel relaxed in communicating with other people. You start connecting over ideas, viewpoints and ideologies. You learn to appreciate different world’s views, expressions, perspectives. You become receptive to differences and engage in healthy discussions. You might disagree with people, but you will be willing to listen with an open mind.

Further in your journey as a book clubber, you can learn tactics to put forward your own argument. Meanwhile, you end up developing valuable skills to mediate ethically in order to convey different opinions and views. This skill will come handy in future while talking business in meetings, conferences as well as personal events in the family.

Where there is an audience, there is You!

Be it a reader, writer, speaker, introvert, extrovert etc., book clubs provide an audience cheering for all and sundry!

Book Clubs are also a way to practice speaking in front of an audience, who are paying attention to you and your words. This can polish your ability to formulate well coherent speech to engage with the audience.

It is a breeding point for aspiring writers. As a writer, when you meet people with diverse reading backgrounds, your mind starts working in different frequencies. Reading those unfamiliar books and writers will inspire you to experiment with your writing expressions and adopt new ways of penning down your ideas. Your writing will be polished by learning how different readers judge the plot, character, storyline etc. You will then orient towards refined writing with both writer’s and reader’s perspective.

We, at Readout believe in practicing the art of book clubbing. We do it, endorse it and promote it at full throttle!

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